Oud Devotion

Oud Devotion

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Scents n Secrets takes pride in offering Oud Devotion for all the Oud lovers out there. This wonderful scent perfectly embodies the sense of appeal and devotion. Our fragrance took its inspiration from Giorgio Armani’s classic Stronger With You Oud and demonstrates the power of passion and elegance.

The famous Giorgio Armani perfumeStronger With You Oud” is well-known for its charming fusion of sophistication and aromatic notes. It is a variant of the original “Stronger With You” fragrance which infuses the dignity of agarwood into its composition. Agarwood is a highly prestigious cologn element because of its distinctive woody and fragrant properties.

Oud Devotion gives a modern twist to the classic scent, taking influence from the famous Giorgio Armani perfume. It preserves the soul of the original scent while adding its own special characteristics. This fragrance is based on the captivating charm of oud, a valuable component appreciated for its powerful and rich scent. When combined with the warmth of vanilla, it produces a captivating mashup that lingers on the skin and leaves the mark of class and sophistication behind.

We at Scents n Secrets are well aware of the influence, a signature perfume can have. For this reason, we have carefully made this masterpiece to satisfy the discerning preferences of scent lovers around. Trust our Oud perfume to be your devoted companion engulfing you in a sense of perfectness and charm in every environment.  

If you are concerned about the pricing of our products, then don’t worry! Our woody scent is a cost-effective substitute for Giorgio Armani’s scent which seems more expensive. Now bid farewell to costly labels and welcome to luxury without bursting your pocket. Find the true essence of Giorgio Armani's perfume at the most reasonable price in Pakistan.

Why are you waiting then? Explore today why our oud perfume is rapidly becoming a must-have scent for everyone who appreciates luxury and finer things in life. This scent will surely become your new signature fragrance owing to its seductive aroma and undeniable attractiveness. Don’t give up the chance to feel the enchantment of this wonderful perfume. Order your bottle now and be ready to fall in love with the mesmerizing allure of agarwood.

Genre: French

Eau de Parfum (EDP) - 50ml

Main Accord: Vanilla, Oud


Top Notes: Vanilla

Middle Notes: Lavender

Base Notes: Oud


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