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Calming Lavender Body Mist

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Step up your fragrance game with Scents n Secrets’ captivating Calming Lavender Body Mist. It's more than just a mist; it's like a soothing breath that awakens your senses and leaves a gentle, comforting trail wherever you go. The best body mist for both male and female, created with extra care and infused with the serene essence of lavender, offers an experience that's both special and refreshing. Our Calming Lavender body mist for women has been innovatively customized, resulting in an aroma that's truly outstanding and captivating. Bid farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as this body mist envelops you in a peaceful aura.

The Calming Lavender body mist has been reborn into something entirely fresh and breathtaking. Now, encounter the essence of lavender in an entirely new way—a tribute to its ancient origins yet brilliantly modern and distinctive.

Unlock the Magic with the Easy Steps:

  1. Shower Bliss: Begin your journey with our scented body wash. Let the calming lavender wash over you, refreshing your bath and body. Afterward, prepare yourself for the best body mist for female ahead.
  2. Mist Enchantment: Spritz our scented body mist directly onto your skin. Enhance your pulse points—neck, elbow, and wrist—and relish the gentle touch of lingering lavender.
  3. Revive with Focus: Experience the restoring power as the body mist engages with your body's pulse points, infusing you with calm and equilibrium.
  4. Repeat Your Routine: Apply as often as you like. It's your own wellspring of calmness.

Our Calming Lavender Body Mist for men merges nature's finest elements, including Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Ginseng, Aqua, Alcohol, and our signature fragrance. It's a harmonious symphony of components that energize and restore, all kept in an elegant bottle. This ultimate body mist is suitable for both men and women. Each bottle contains a generous 200 ml, ensuring you always have an abundant source of peace within reach.

Elevate your daily routine with Scents n Secrets’ Calming Lavender Body Mist—the ideal companion for your senses Whether you crave moments of peace or aspire to cleanse your body and mind, our lavender-infused creation will accompany you on a peaceful journey. Embrace the refreshing aura of Calming Lavender at an irresistible Body Mist price in Pakistan—secure yours now.

About this scent:
Calming lavender is reworked & refracted like it never has been before to become something irreverently new & stunning. Sourced ethically from France, this lavender scent was believed in Persian & Greek culture as the scent that purifies body & mind.

How to use:
1. Take shower with a scented body wash.
2. Spray scented body mist directly on your body skin.
3. Focus on pulse points like neck, elbow, wrist etc.
4. Apply as many times as required.

Peppermint, aloe vera, rose water, ginseng, aqua, alcohol & fragrance.

Net Vol. 200ml


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Malik Asad
Experience About Product

Its a wonderful product.
full of catching fragrance.
love it

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